Did she?

In December of 2017, I was on my way to see The Last Jedi with a male friend. On the way to the movie we discussing the previous movie in the series, The Force Awakens and well-known director, J.J. Abrams. I asked my friend, "I wonder why he only did one movie and didn't want... Continue Reading →

Is it me?

It almost never is.   There are a lot of situations where it really isn't "about you." I often joke with my partner that "it's not always about you." Very often the ego serves us well, but what about the times when we're told it is us, and it really isn't? I read this HBR... Continue Reading →

You Can Bloom

Many times I've questioned my abilities to flower and bloom. I keep wondering why I'm not growing. Am I forcing my petals too strongly? Am I leaning one way too much? Am I not communicating my needs? Why can't I shine like I feel like I can? I know many of us feel this way... Continue Reading →

Trust Opens the Door

An early-career graphic designer that had been with the company for 6+ years was asking for responses to a newly designed ad. The point of the ad was to evoke an emotional response, and the designer was asking for the initial reaction from folks around the office. The designer first asked the person that was... Continue Reading →

Accountability vs. Grace

"We need to hold ourselves more accountable." That was feedback shared during a really big project debrief at work. I am certainly a fan of accountability. And I know that setting a realistic goal and all of that SMART goal blah blah blah is a sure-fire plan for success. Seriously. People have made millions helping... Continue Reading →

Make Your Own Map

My 7 year-old daughter and I love to read the stories about powerful, brave, and inspiring women found in the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls book. Recently volume 2 was released and we embarked on our nightly ritual. Before getting ready for bed, she opened it up and found a "Rebel Girls Map" inside... Continue Reading →

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