You Can Bloom

Many times I’ve questioned my abilities to flower and bloom. I keep wondering why I’m not growing. Am I forcing my petals too strongly? Am I leaning one way too much? Am I not communicating my needs? Why can’t I shine like I feel like I can?

I know many of us feel this way – especially women. Since a young age, we’re trained to adapt, not to make a fuss, not to rock the boat, and to just fit in. So you become adaptable and find a way to “grow.” I then realized there are many factors in my growth…not just the ones I can immediately control.

When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows,
not the flower.

-Alexander den Heijer

When I came to this realization a great weight was lifted.

I can grow.
I can bloom.
There ARE places that have fertile soil for you – even have people and places that will feed and water you.

Don’t be afraid to look and find them.



Featured photo by Ralitsa Stoykova on Unsplash

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