You Can Bloom

Many times I've questioned my abilities to flower and bloom. I keep wondering why I'm not growing. Am I forcing my petals too strongly? Am I leaning one way too much? Am I not communicating my needs? Why can't I shine like I feel like I can? I know many of us feel this way... Continue Reading →

Accountability vs. Grace

"We need to hold ourselves more accountable." That was feedback shared during a really big project debrief at work. I am certainly a fan of accountability. And I know that setting a realistic goal and all of that SMART goal blah blah blah is a sure-fire plan for success. Seriously. People have made millions helping... Continue Reading →

Make Your Own Map

My 7 year-old daughter and I love to read the stories about powerful, brave, and inspiring women found in the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls book. Recently volume 2 was released and we embarked on our nightly ritual. Before getting ready for bed, she opened it up and found a "Rebel Girls Map" inside... Continue Reading →

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